Monday, December 11, 2006

I proclaim the Nation of Brooklyn

Brooklynites have a better case for nation status than Pseudostians. We have our own regional dialect just like the Pseudostinaians. However, unlike the Pseudostinians we are mostly peaceful except at blackouts and Al Sharpton inspired pogroms.

Brooklyn history is replette with notable figures such as Walt Whitman. We have had several sports teams, classic TV series and whole bodies of fiction. There is even a notable book a Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Little grows in Pseudostine unless those joooooos plant it.

Brooklyn is a cosmopolitan city that welcomes all. One can find Italian, Russian, Caribean and Jewish enclaves in a city that represents the world. Pseudostine is yet another ethnically cleansed Muslim state that Christians flee in droves.

The economy of Brooklyn bristles with industry due to its energetic workforce. The Pseudostinians produce hommicide bombers and Kassam rockets. The UN Aid doesn't even get to the people due to a culture of endemic corruption.

Some of you might point out our esteemed leader Spike Lee was not born in Brooklyn.
Yasser Arafat and Professor Said were born in Egypt and have no claim to an ethnicity that is as fictional as Spikes films. Spike's films are more beleivable than Pseudostinian ethnicity. It also helps that Danny Aiello is a great actor.

Some of you complain that Brooklyn residents are no different from Queens or Staten Island Residents. In fact many of you claim most Staten Islanders were born in Brooklyn. All of you fish stick eater ( non Brooklynites), are wrong praise Spike Lee.

Brooklynites are descended from the Canarsie Indians. Some of you point out that Haitians and Jews have no biological, cultural or linguistic ties to the Canarsie.
Well this doesn't seem to be an impediment to preposterous claims about Pseudostinians who have zero connection to Philistines, Cananites or Malcolm X. If Psuedostinians can demand a state based on a contrived ethnicity so can the mostly peaceful residents of Brooklyn.

Praise our leader Spike Lee

Sunday, December 10, 2006

New Launch

This site is meant for leftists who are so sure a Palestinian ethnicity exists. I have encountered Jooooo obsessed Commie and a few Jihadis who are so certain this ethicity exists.

What is the basis of this ethnicity remains a mystery?

Lets go comwads what is this basis of this ethnicity you obsess over.